Camp Quality Back to Pedder 2008 (189)
Camp Quality Back to Pedder 2008 (189)

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Lake Pedder Brown Trout
Lake Pedder Brown Trout

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Camp Quality Back to Pedder 2008 (189)
Camp Quality Back to Pedder 2008 (189)

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LPAC committee invite all members and trout anglers to join us for some fun times  and fishing at Lake Pedder in 2022.  Members catch up regularly to fish together and  represent the club at competitions. If you would like to join in contact the club president and vice president through our face book page.   

The lake is fishing well, we hope to see you at a competition soon. 

Check out the club face book page for up to date information on our monthly events. 


Competition information will also be posted on this website for our major club competitions.

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Tournament Shirts $60

Buffs matching the Tournament Shirts  $25

Coats - our best ever waterproof fishing coats $55 each

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2022 Australia Day Competition Results
LPAC Merchandise advertisement.png

12th - 13th February 2022 

Wayatinah Sports and Social Club Fishing Competition - Round 2 club championship

2nd April 2022

LPAC Quiz Night - charity fundraiser in Hobart hosted by the Quizzer of Oz

23th - 24th April 2022

STLAA competition hosted by LPAC at Lake Pedder,  Strathgordon

Round 3 - Club Championship will be held over 3 days beside STLAA event. 

11th - 13th June 2022

Winter at Pedder 3 day competition Strathgordon. Round 4 club championship


August 2022

Round 5 club championship

Date to be advised

September 2022

LPAC Quiz Night - fundraiser in Hobart hosted by the Quizzer of Oz

20th - 23rd October 2022

Round 6 Club Championship - 3 day competition Strathgordon

26th - 29th January 2023

Australia Day Competition at Lake Pedder, Strathgordon


Our committee meets regularly via zoom and face to face as required.  Members if you have an agenda item for the committee, please contact the club secretary. 

Next meeting date TBA


Committee as below

President:  Mathew Hill

Vice President: Allen Stennings

Secretary: Melanie Clark

Treasurer: Sharon Groves

Club Patron: Nigel Heaven

Committee: Troy Stonehouse, Michael Wright, Kieran Williams, Trish Hill, Yolanda Mc Carthy and Darren Oates

LPAC Life Members: Steve Felmingham, Marie Felmingham, Baden Oates, Bill Cornelius, Nigel Heaven, Don Camm, Laurie Harrison, Kim Cooper, Mandy Harrison, Brett Brady, David Wright, Sharon Groves.


September 2022

          2021 Australia Competition Results 

Over All Winners:

Heaviest Fish  

Adult:  Lachlan Mallinson   1.284 kg

Junior: Dean Stonehouse    978 g 

Veteran: Laurie Harrison    1.006kg 

Most fish Caught by a Team 

Team Mischief with 162 fish.

Dylan Loh, Tom Wolley, Trent Mallinson, and Lachlan Mallinson

Best Bag of 6 fish:

Lachlan Mallinson  6.476 kg 

Bill Groves Memorial: Dean Stonehouse

Peter Chew memorial: Sam Williams 

Steve Foster memorial U14s : Dean Stone House

Mystery fish Member: James Tassel 

Mystery fish Non-memeber: No one weighed in 

Encouragement award: Jarvis Smith 

Fish Caught by Teams: 

1. TEAM  MISCHIEF                 162 fish 

2. OLD CRANKER                     112 fish

3. WATER RATS                           52 fish 

4. SUM TING FIFHY                    43 fish

5. RUNNING ON EMPTY            30 fish 

6. ON THE RISE                           27 fish

7. ROD SQUAD                            25 fish 

8. OFISHALLS                              16 fish 

9. WRIGHT BROTHERS                  9 fish


11. TIN DISH                                  5 fish 

12. STUM JUMPER                        5 fish 

13. EMPTY NESTERS                     4 fish 

14. CFA                                           3 fish

15. STACY'S WAGON                     3 fish

16. TEAM REEL FISHING              1 fish

     A total of 505 fish weighed in. 

2021 Australia Day Competition Results
Quiz night Fundraiser

Volunteers needed to help out at club events.

Contact the club via email if you are able to help out at our next event. 


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