Membership Application

LPAC 2020 Constitution

The committee and members of Lake Pedder Anglers Club Inc invite you to join our club. 

We try hard to ensure our new members and their families feel very welcome.  While they are still valued members and the backbone of our club, we are no longer an older persons club.  Our membership has evolved over the years with the our membership demographic age getting younger.  The majority of our membership is currently in the 35 - 50 year age range and a large number of families within the club now have multiple generations that are members. 

We are truly a family friendly club with activities and training activities planned during competitions to occupy the kids.  These events are varied and tailored to who is present and have included over the years; bingo evenings, movie nights, family discos, spot light walks to see the native animals and education sessions such as fly tying, fish cake lessons, fly fishing lessons or flare demonstrations related to fishing and marine safety.   

A series of natural disasters/bushfires has caused our Australia Day Competition to be cancelled 3 times too many resulting in a financial strain on the club.   Following this the committee have implemented a strategy to move away from a focus on the Australia Day as the major club event and when memberships were due.  In 2020 -21 the annual Membership year has been changed to 1st July - 30th June and monthly fishing events are now being held - see our events calendar on the competitions page of this site.   Three events are year are held at Lake Pedder with 1-2 events at Lake Gordon.   Other events have also been planned elsewhere in the state with a flathead fishing competition bringing members together near Hobart. 


We are not just another fishing club, join up to find out how great we are. Friendships develop and we have often been referred to as; "my pedder family" and are very supportive of our members each other in times of need. Gain the hidden benefits such as companionship, friendship and learning the finer art of trout fishing from both our sponsors and long term members.   Many of our sponsors are also present at club events and are long term supporters and members of the club.

We also have a charity focus and during the Australia Day Competition we often hold a fundraising evening to raise money to support a local charity or family in need. 

Member Benefits


 New 2020 - 2021 fee structure


Membership due 1st July annually.  

Adult (18 years and over )  $35

Junior (under 18)                 $15 

Life Membership                 $15

Family                                    $70

(Family = 2 adults and your family's children under 18)

Note: Junior membership is for children under 18 years of age. 

Competition junior category age is under 14 years, after this they compete against the adults.

Your LPAC membership automatically links you as a member to Southern Tasmanian Licenced Anglers Association Inc.