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Lake Pedder Anglers Club has actively supported the Tasmanian Community for many years. 

LPAC hold working bees when required to maintain and develop facilities used by both our members and the general public around Lake Pedder.  Our member volunteers built the Teds Beach BBQ facilities near Strathgordon and have repaired the boat ramp and rebuilt jetties in Strathgordon supported with MAST grants and donations from our membership.   Hydro Tasmania donate to the club every year and we have used these funds to give back to the Tasmanian Community by hosting a fishing event open to the public at Lake Pedder. In 2022 the club is repairing and expanding the navigational markers on Lake Pedder.  With the increasing popularity seen in recent years for recreational water sports on Lake Pedder by the general community and increasing numbers of newer members in the club there is a need to make our lake a safer place for all to enjoy.   
In the past when there was a larger volunteer group, we were able to offer a fishing experience to children from Camp Quality and a regular fishing event was also held for adults and children with disabilities.  

Today, when there are larger numbers in attendance at competitions, we often hold a fundraising activity raising funds to support a local family.  Members are welcome to submit ideas between September and November each year for a family who would benefit from the clubs support that year.  We commence fundraising for the year in January. 
 LPAC would like to thank our sponsors for their donations which greatly support the club to raise funds for these local families in need of a helping hand

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Thank you to our
Quiz Night Silent Auction Sponsors 

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys 
Pedder Wilderness Lodge

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In 2022 LPAC have decided to raise funds to support a local family Katelyn and Matt Innes.   In May 2021, 25 year old Katelyn Innes suddenly collapsed at a dog show in Westbury.  She unexpectantly suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage – a devastating brain bleed.  This resulted in her being rushed to the Royal Hobart Hospital and placed in an induced coma for 3 weeks.  Katelyn is a veterinary nurse and was 5 months pregnant at the time with their second child.


In June her mum reported, her condition has affected her movement and coordination (significantly more on her left side) and she is working hard on her motor development in both gross and fine motor skills. All those little things we take for granted each day, like walking, talking and feeding ourselves are now things Katelyn is working on in her physio sessions to enable her to become more independent and go home to look after her children.

In August 2021, a beautiful baby girl arrived 6 weeks early, a sister for her 2-year-old son.  Katelyn’s husband Matt has taken on the role of carer for their children while Katelyn is working on her long recovery journey.  In February this year, Katelyn showed us all her strength and determination to get home and care for her children with Matt as best she can with her resulting disabilities.  Katelyn's journey continues with rehab from home and there is still a long road for this young couple and their children as her recovery continues.   Katelyn is well known in the dog show community and to some of our own members.  She is a bubbly, bright, helpful, loving person who would always be the first to be there to assist anyone in need.  The local community and the broader dog show community have been fundraising to help support Katelyn and Matt while they are getting back on their feet.  


Any donation which could be used as a prize for fundraising would be greatly appreciated.

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